What do axles do?

Axles are an important part of a vehicle's drive system. Axles are used in steering, driving, and braking a vehicle. Axles are the way power is transferred from the drivetrain to the wheels. Since driving, braking, and steering a vehicle creates a lot of force, axles must be strong enough to withstand the strains of everyday driving.

Many vehicles are either front-wheel or rear-wheel drive. The axles on the drive wheels are called drive axles. The axles on the wheels that are not connected to the drivetrain are called lazy axles or dead axles. All wheel vehicles are equipped with drive axles on all wheels.

What can go wrong?

Axles are tremendously strong to be able to withstand the forces involved with moving and stopping a vehicle. They are meant to last a long time, but they should be replaced at the first sign of wear to avoid serious safety issues. A broken axle can cause serious harm to a vehicle, the driver and passengers, and others on the road. Please check with a car service professional to make sure your vehicle stays safe and on the road.

How will I know it is time to replace an axle?

  • A thudding sound when putting a car in to gear might indicate the need to replace an axle.
  • Vibrations when driving, braking, or turning can also indicate a worn-out axle.
  • If a vehicle fails to move when put in gear, a bad axle is likely the problem.